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New Direction for Creative Squirrels

Updated: Jan 11

Introducing Squirrel Cafe - A Return to Storytelling

After several years of successfully serving a diverse client base on a variety of amazing projects, I have decided to return Creative Squirrels' focus back towards the original mission of telling original stories with original characters (like the first short we ever produced- 2012's MONICA.)

I am beyond grateful to have collaborated with such great partners that provided invaluable experience creating content for the biggest stages and winning an Emmy in the process.

Yes, Creative Squirrels dabbled with independent storytelling here and there over the years. However, this full-time return to storytelling will be in the form of Squirrel Cafe. As for what form Squirrel Cafe will take, it could be gaming, animation, and/or comics. Part of the fun is taking the time to figure out the best platform to tell these stories.

Many of these stories are ones that I've been working on for quite some time, but they have yet to see the light of day due to the creative obligations I had with clients.

It takes time and energy to make anything creatively, and the reality of it was that the creative bandwidth simply wasn't there to serve both the client and original storytelling sides of the Creative Squirrels spectrum. (Such is the result of making lucrative compromises.)

While we were able to infuse some satisfying story elements into client projects, a great amount of what we were doing as a company didn't serve that need to tell stories. At some point, one has to decide which direction to go in (PIXAR had to make the same choice when they decided to focus on making animated movies instead of being a tech company.) Ultimately, the desire and opportunity to create new characters and new worlds proved to be too exciting to pass up.

When will Squirrel Cafe debut? Still working on that one. Until then, know that Creative Squirrels hasn't gone away and will be back with something new for you to enjoy.

Now go do some good out there. Be safe!

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