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(This website is getting one of those HGTV-like extreme home makeovers. currently under reconstruction. So if you spot something wonky that means we're working on it.)


Short stories with extraordinary moments. 

For 2019, Creative Squirrels is shifting gears into producing more original content. We thank all of our collaborative partners and clients for the projects we made together.
Our next mission is to give life to the many ideas and characters in our portfolio and go on new adventures with them. We hope you'll join us!


MAY 2019

*The ROBVERSE is coming...

APRIL 2019

*Squirrel HQ is being purposefully quiet. We are busy building something new. Hang tight.




*Squirrel HQ's new animated series is in preproduction and scheduled for release sometime in the second half of 2019. Details forthcoming.

(Editor's Note: We know we haven't shown much in a while, but think of it this way: Disney is working on a TON of stuff for their new streaming platform Disney+ and they likely won't show anything until they release it to the world. Even rapper Drake doesn't preview music before he drops it on the public. Creativity has to exist in a vacuum before it can exist in the realm of public consumption. We can assure you, your patience will be rewarded. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram for updates and insights.)


*The Bad News- The 'KICK pilot based on the comic did not get a series order.

The Good News- The rights to Kayla Kick return to Squirrel HQ in 2019, which means that she will live on somewhere in the Robverse. 


*Squirrel HQ VR art training for our 2019 VR animated project has begun. Currently exploring production pipelines with the new app ANIMVR.

*Production on Creative Squirrels' next graphic novel slated for release sometime in 2019 is underway. Not much can be said at this point except that it is being dubbed around here as the "Robverse" because it features characters from different RobART projects in one story.

JULY 2018

*Happy to announce that Squirrel HQ will be returning to Paris, France at the end of 2018 to conduct research on a new VR animated project for 2019. That's all that can be said for now.

JUNE 2018

*Squirrel HQ will be developing a new graphic novel and animated series as a class study to show students how its done at Young At Art Museum's Digital Art Camps. Sign up at for more details.



 "RobART: Sketch",

an interactive sketchbook